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Field Application Group

We bring our knowhow and present innovations and trends on the sector of electronic components.

A digital technology specialist and an analogue specialist do not fit comfortably hand in hand. This is exactly where the Business Development Group comes in.

Based on applications, for example in the power supply or sensor fields, the Business Development Team looks for optimisation possibilities with new strategies and products in active and passive components and also discusses recurring problems and the limitations of familiar solutions.

However, know-how transfer at ECOMAL extends far beyond presentations, trainings and workshops as the Business Devleopment Group offers its customers sound information as well as decision aids – and this worldwide!

Since 2007 the Business Development Group has also been supporting the aerospace and defence technology industry. The experts at ECOMAL comprises a hughly skilled team of engineers and experts with a vast experience and knowledge base.

From start to finish, the Business Development Group can guide you and your company through the entire design process. The experts at ECOMAL offer everything from design-ins and project work with the customer to the development of complete solutions and at all times whilst in contact with customer and manufacturer.

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