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Silicon Carbide - best in class SiC semiconductors

USCI manufactures best in class SIC Transistors, Diodes, and Custom Silicon Carbide Devices







With the broadest SiC portfolio in Normally-On JFETS and Normally-Off Cascodes in the industry, united Silicon Carbide Inc. (USCi) enables dramatic inverter size reduction through higher switching frequency while delivering higher efficiency.

The 1200 V UJN series of high-performance SiC Normally-On JFET transistors exhibits ultra-low on resistance (RDS(ON)) and gate charge (QG) allowing for low conduction and switching loss. The device Normally-On characteristics with low RDS(ON) at VGS = 0 V is also ideal for current protection circuits without the need for active control, as well as for cascode operation.

USCi’s cascode products co-package its UJC series high-performance SiC JFETs with a cascode optimized MOSFET to produce the only standard gate drive SiC device in the market today.
This series exhibits ultra-low on resistance and gate charge, but also the best reverse recovery characteristics of any device of similar ratings. These devices are excellent for switching inductive loads, and any application requiring standard gate drive.

 650 V & 1200 V SiC Schottky Diodes (THT)

Part No. /
Data Sheet
Package V If typ Qx typ Vf typ
UJD06504TS TO220-2L 650V 4A 6nC 1.5V
UJD06506TS TO220-2L 650V 6A 9nC 1.5V
UJD06508TS TO220-2L 650V 8A 13nC 1.5V
UJD06510TS TO220-2L 650V 10A 16nC 1.5V
UJD06516K TO-247 650V 16A 26nC 1.5V
UJD06520K TO-247 650V 20A 32nC 1.5V
UJ2D1205T TO220-2L 1200V 5A 14nC 1.5V
UJ2D1210T TO220-2L 1200V 10A 35nC 1.5V
UJ2D1215T TO220-2L 1200V 15A 60nC 1.5V
UJ2D1220K TO247 1200V 20A 35nC 1.5V
UJ2D1230K TO247 1200V 30A 60nC 1.5V

*Contact SiC(at) for engineering samples


 650 V SiC Schottky Diodes (THT) with Surge Bypass Diode(SByD)

Part No. /
Data Sheet
Package V/VSByD If typ/IFSM Qx typ Vf typ
UJDS06504T TO220-3L 650V/600V 4A/100A 6nC 1.5V
UJDS06506T TO220-3L 650V/600V 6A/100A 9nC 1.5V
UJDS06508T TO220-3L 650V/600V 8A/100A 13nC 1.5V
UJDS06510T TO220-3L


10A/100A 16nC 1.5V

*Contact SiC(at) for engineering samples


 650 V & 1200 V SiC Schottky Diodes (SMD)

Part No. /
Data Sheet
Package V If typ Qx max. Vf typ
UJD06508F5 F5-Pak 650V 8A 13nC 1.7V
UJD06510F5 F5-Pak 650V 10A 16nC 1.7V
UJ2D1205F5 F5-Pak 1200V 5A 14nC 1.7V

*Contact SiC(at) for engineering samples


1200 V SiC JFETs (THT)

Part No. /
Data Sheet
Package V Rds(on) Id max
UJN1205K TO247 1200V 45mΩ 38A
UJN1208K TO247 1200V 80mΩ 21A

*Contact SiC(at) for engineering samples


650 V & 1200 V SiC Cascodes (THT)

Part No. /
Data Sheet
Package V Rds(on) Id max
UJC1206K* TO247 1200V 60mΩ 35A
UJC1210K* TO-247 1200V 100mΩ 20A
UJC06505K* TO247 650V 45mΩ 20A

*Contact SiC(at) for engineering samples



SiC Cascodes

Description & Link
Switching behavior
440 VAC ‐ 800 VDC PFC



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JFETs in Power Systems
JFETs In Switching Inductive Loads
JFET User Guide


SiC General

Description & Link
SiC Research and Development




  Link Description
ECOMAL Leaflet General information from ECOMAL
about USCi SiC products
A4 Version



About USCi (United Silicon Carbide Inc.):

United Silicon Carbide Inc. is a fabless manufacturer with a broad range of Silicon Carbide Schottky diodes, SiC JFETs and SiC cascodes for transportation, power conversion, military, aerospace, well logging and power generation applications.
The fabless manufacturing model enables USCi to always provide best-in-class devices at an exceptional value to the market.
SiC devices can withstand higher breakdown voltages, have a lower resistivity (due to higher doping possibilities) and can operate at 175°C.
USCi’s SiC Switch solutions provide superior performance to competing SiC MOSFETs while using up to 25% of the SiC content.

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