400V / 100A Resettable eFuse Reference Design


ECOMALBusiness Development, in collaboration with Vishay,
 has developed a reference design for a 400V (40kW)
circuit breaker. It is a SiC solution with high performance SiC

 semiconductor switches from UnitedSiC/Qorvo.

The goal is to provide a high-voltage alternative to mechanical relays
in order to safely isolate the high-voltage side from the rest of the
vehicle’s electrical system to prevent further damage.

Additional added value is the integrated current measurement,
double preload functionality, adjustable shutdown thresholds
and various monitoring functions in the event of a fault.

A digital device with I2C is available for configuration and data
transmission. The optional Vishay-ECOMAL MessWEB module supports direct WEB access (CAN optional).

We will gladly send you the gerberfiles (production data). Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

E-Mail: technique@ecomal.com