The ECOMAL credo – “more than business” – defines our daily work

All ECOMAL employees work in a value system which sets our everyday thinking and actions; the ECOMAL PHILOSOPHY which comprises of three essential elements:

People – Duties – Responsibility

1. People
Our actions should always be defined by respect of others. Positive thinking and enjoyment in realising our goals and what we do as well as trust in our partners guide our daily work.

2. Duties
We fulfil our duties and goals with 100% commitment, creativity and the highest possible quality.

3. Responsibility
Each employee works independently in his area of work, assumes responsibility for his actions and makes suggestions for decision-making.

“more than business”

This was, is and remains the foundation of our work, our goals and not least, our strategy which focuses on the individual.

We will continue to maintain and intensify our carefully developed relationships in the future. This is because the realisation of our visions and goals was (and is) only possible with the support of our many motivated and committed employees. With our philosophy we benefit from a sound basis, also in future challenges.

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