Welcome to ECOMAL –  the specialist in the sale of electronic components.

For over 40 years, we have successfully fine tuned logistical concepts, optimised our delivery programme and sold over 5 billion electronic components annually, which we achieve quickly and reliably thanks to our efficient supply inventory. At our head office in Kirchzarten at the gates of Freiburg and in over 16 countries across Europe, our 230 employees are what ensures the future of our company. In 2017, we were able to achieve 147 million Euro in revenue through the sale of active, passive and electromechanic components.

The areas of application for these electronic components is understandably broad: our products are used in the areas of mobility, such as energy recovery in hybrid cars, and in high-speed trains, aircraft, ships and other modes of transportation. In tablets or smartphones, ECOMAL components support functions such as touch operations and wireless communications. Our electronic components enable developers all over the world to create new generations of end products, be it in the area of renewable energies, consumer electronics or medical technology.

Our portfolio of available products is just as diverse as the challenges you face – so look forward to taking on varied tasks in a familiar environment!

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