Quality as a goal

Our services are in competition with those of other companies. Our customers have high expectations for the quality of our goods and logistics. They must be certain we can deliver the quality we promise.

We understand this as an opportunity to continuously review, improve, and develop the economic efficiency and quality of our work, to the benefit of our customers. This means not only setting concrete quality goals for ourselves, but increasing quality overall as well. These high demands are reflected in our quality management as well. According to our policies, we consistently improve our processes and services, creating visible added value for all customers, stakeholders, and our employees. We continuously question traditional approaches and develop new solutions.

To demonstrate this work to our customers and business partners, and allow you to assess our performance in an objective and transparent manner, we have been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 1994.

Our quality mesures include, for instance:

  • Maintaining certified quality and environmental management systems in accordance with international standards
  • Focusing in the success factors of customers, employees and processes.
  • Training and continued training measures for our employees
  • Ongoing development of our information technology
  • Regular audits for continuous process improvement
  • Ongoing reviews of the performance of our suppliers and cooperative partners
  • Use of quality management tools for systematic analysis of weak areas and ongoing optimisations

All certificates are available for download here:


Environmental Protection

intentionally focuses on ensuring sustainable corporate development. We use a three-stage environmental protection strategy to keep negative environmental impacts as low as possible during the logistics process:

  1. We avoid what we can
  2. We reduce what we cannnot avoid
  3. We optimise what we cannot reduce.

With the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management system, ECOMAL has established a tool to implement and promote these goals.
We have environmental target in four action areas:

  1. Waste and water
  2. CO2 emissions
  3. Material usage
  4. Trade products


REACH Information

We fully apply all obligations required under the REACH ordinance. REACH is the European ordinance on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, and came into force in 2007. REACH is designed to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment.

Manufacturers and suppliers of products (such as “semi-finished components” etc.) must inform their commercial customers according to Art. 33 of the Reach regulation if the listed materials are contained at a rate of over 0.1% in the smallest subassembly. For “components” specifically, this means that “each smallest product of an assembled product” is considered as a reference variable for the calculation.

The (EC) 1907/2006 (“REACH”) ordinance does not specify in what form SVHC information must be provided to the customer according to Article 33. This website contains SVHC information for some products / product groups. For other products / product groups, please consult the label / documentation provided with the product or contact your local sales partner.



The EU directive 2011/65/EU serves to restrict the use of some hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment. The directive has been in full force since 22 July, 2017. Four additional substances will be added with the update of 2015/863/EU, which will be applicable as of 22 July, 2019.

Without CE and RoHS certification, these products may no longer be sold in the EU and in states that apply the EU directive. Replacement parts and parts used in repairs are excepted.

As a dealer of electrical components, we believe we are obligated to market only environmentally friendly products.

What does RoHS stand for?
RoHS stands for “Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances” in electrical and electronic equipment. If a product is RoHS certified, this confirms that the percentage of environmentally hazardous, difficult to dispose of materials has been limited to the maximum allowable limit. Examples of such materials include lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium and cadmium. It obligates manufacturers of electronic equipment to use more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as brazed joints without lead.
This website contains RoHS information for some products / product groups. For other products / product groups, please consult the label / documentation provided with the product or contact your local sales partner.


Conflict Minerals

The sale of certain raw materials in some areas, in particular the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighbouring states, is used to fund ongoing armed conflicts in these regions. Militias control raw material mines, engaging in egregious human rights violations, and sell the so-called “conflict minerals” produced (primarily gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin - (“3TG minerals”) all over the world.

In the USA, some companies are legally obligated to report whether and to what extent 3TG minerals are purchased from the conflict region. The goal is for only conflict-free 3TG minerals to be purchased and traded in the future, which is to be achieved in particular through a system of certified smelting operations. The EU Conflict Minerals ordinance also requires a reporting and certification obligation for smelting operations and refineries as well as large raw materials importers.

ECOMAL Europe GmbH is not affected either by the USA or European Union reporting obligations. However, ECOMAL supports the goal behind such obligations – avoiding financing militant groups that violate human rights – and expressly works to help achieve this goal. ECOMAL expressly supports the establishment of the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI).




All designations and explanations of the RoHS, REACH and conflict minerals are based on our current knowledge and on information from our manufacturers. Since we cannot influence the conditions of use or application of the aforementioned products, we accept neither any express or tacit guarantee or warranty, or any other liability in conjunction with use of the above information.

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