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Our company name derives from our main area of business: Electronic Components and Logistics.

ECOMAL´s strengths lie in reliable procurement and distribution with perfectly timed and monitored job fulfilment, an ecological pooling of goods flow and costs as well as timely supply throughout Europe through automated duration calculation.

ECOMAL is continually working to optimize the delivery program. We supply more than 5 billion electronic components per year, quickly and reliably, through efficient stock management and optimal logistics.

In the European logistics centre in Kirchzarten, ECOMAL continually has more than 2.5 billion electronic components in stock. Due to our extensive experience we know that quick availability and reliable supply are essential for the success of our products – and, of course, for the satisfaction of our customers.

The ECOMAL logistics centre is central, but the customer is served in his country by the ECOMAL sales staff on site!

ECOMAL has a well-organized distribution network in sixteen countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Great Britain. The ECOMAL customer is served by the ECOMAL sales staff on site in the country and in the regions!

All ECOMAL Europe national companies and all sales offices in Germany are linked to the central network. For our employees and customers this means that all local requirements can be fulfilled using the stock from our ECOMAL European warehouse.

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