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ECOMAL is more.

Since the foundation of the company 50 years ago, a lot of things have changed. Roederstein became Vishay at first and finally ECOMAL. Further to the first affiliate in Switzerland, 15 additional sites were rapidly set up throughout Europe. And the number of our employees has meanwhile also grown to more than 240. Yet one thing has remained unchanged since 1972: ECOMAL focuses on people.

And that is why "more than business" was, is and remains the foundation of our work, our goals and our strategy.

We are proud to breathe life into "more than business" on a daily basis. We believe cultivating respectful, personal and trusting relationships with each other. Our employees have room for their individual needs and contribute independently to the goals and success of ECOMAL.

Despite the international orientation of the company, we are firmly anchored in the local community. This is also reflected in the long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners at eye level. Many of them have been placing their trust in our experience for decades; they appreciate our commitment and are inspired by our flexibility.

Because they too know that: ECOMAL is more – more than business.

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