ECOMAL´s strengths are secure procurement and distribution through precisely timed and monitored service provision, the ecological bundling of the flow of goods and costs as well as on-time delivery throughout Europe through automated transit time calculation.

Our strengths: Efficient warehousing and logistics
In the European logistics center in Kirchzarten, ECOMAL constantly keeps more than 6 billion electronic components in stock. Many of them no larger than the head of a pin. Our efficient warehousing and logistics ensure that chaos is a foreign concept to us. Because ECOMAL knows from its experience: Fast availability and reliable delivery are the prerequisites for the success of our products - and for the satisfaction of our customers.

The heart of our distribution service is a computer-controlled distribution warehouse based on the most modern aspects. The sales offices in Germany and all ECOMAL Europe national companies are also connected to the network via the ECOMAL headquarters in Kirchzarten for Germany and the whole of Europe. For our employees and our customers this means: Everyone has access to the stocks of our ECOMAL European warehouse for their local needs. 

The storage of the components is based on barcode-controlled chaotic warehousing. The quick identification of the packaging units not only makes the work efficient, it also gives the customer precise information about the delivery status of his orders.
A 0-error concept contains all elements for error-free delivery to our customers. A consistent barcode system, electronic incoming and outgoing goods inspection, the manufacturer's date and the item number for each packaging unit are essential components of our logistics. Thereby, ECOMAL achieves 100% traceability for each individual component.

As an experienced distributor, ECOMAL knows how important convincing logistics concepts are for successful distribution management.

That is why ECOMAL offers to its customers tailor-made solutions for dispositive material supply, such as just-in-time deliveries; Range control, KANBAN, Ship-to-Stock or VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory).